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The University of Southampton is renowned for excellence in electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering and research in energy conversion technologies. The team are considered to be leaders in the field of flow battery technologies, including both fundamental laboratory research and industrial scale-up of a wide range of system chemistries. These include bromine-polysulfide (Regenesys), all-vanadium, zinc-cerium (Plurion) and soluble-lead, along with several novel redox couples.


The project will involve a collaboration of staff from the Schools of Engineering Sciences and Chemistry, which has considerable experience in the design, testing, and characterisation of electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells. Experts in the fabrication and characterisation of MEAs and GDEs as well as electrochemical and spectroscopic methods (infrared, Raman, and X-ray spectroscopies), the team has developed a number of novel in-situ cells to enable characterisation of the state of the electrocatalyst under operating conditions. The group receives funding from the EPSRC, EU and various industrial sponsors.


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