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E.ON Engineering is a leading international supplier of energy technologies and innovative solutions for power, gas and industrial projects, with a team of 1100 technical and engineering specialists based at centres of expertise in the UK and Germany. Innovative solutions for clients’ current problems and future needs are developed by E.ON Engineering and the company participates in collaborative R&D projects within the UK and Europe.


The work associated with this project will be led by staff within E.ON Engineering’s Environment and Modelling Division. The engineers and scientists in this team have previously been involved in collaborative research concerning energy storage. E.ON plans to build significant wind generation in the future, and this type of battery technology is expected to play a vital role in contributing to grid stability by improving the firm power associated with intermittent renewable generation.


Key skills that E.ON bring to the POWAIR project include market modelling, analysis of risk and project management, energy generation, storage and utilisation, computational fluid dynamics, modelling a wide range of operational processes, including flow batteries and power systems, control design, modelling, analysis and simulation, High Voltage DC and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems).


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