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At sites in St. Ingbert (Saarland) and Vaihingen/Enz (Baden-Württemberg) in Germany, FuMA-Tech is engaged in the field of fuel cell and battery technology and membrane separation technology, particularly for the treatment of aqueous solutions. Its highly qualified personnel have a long-standing experience in all fields of polymer chemistry and polymer membrane manufacture, and the company is a member of BWT-AG best-water-technology, the leading water technology group in Europe.


From a technological point of view, FuMA-Tech ranks as the leading manufacturer of ion exchange polymers and membranes, having comprehensive skills that range from the synthesis of raw and auxiliary materials, to the conversion of these materials to membranes and finally to their application in industrial membrane separation plants. The main area of FuMA-Tech’s expertise lies in proton-conducting membranes. It currently develops a range of highly efficient fuel cell membranes and electrochemical systems (stacks, ancillary equipment and control) for a range of industrial processes.


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