Summary of Exploitable Results

Summary or Exploitable Results


Exploitable Result Partners
Scale up methodology for catalyst and methods for production of large air electrodes C-Tech and STN
Battery Stack Design for Zinc Air Flow Battery and Electrochemical Processes using Gas Diffusion Electrodes C-Tech
Bifunctional catalyst for an alkaline air electrode STN and possibly C-Tech scale up work
Electrode structures for bifunctional air electrodes Primmarily STN
Zinc Air Flow Battery system C-Tech, CEST & FUMA
Electrolyte composition for rechargeable zinc air flow battery CEST
State of Charge Sensor CEST
Dedicated test procedures and knowhow KEMA (now DNV GL)
Power converter control algorithm GTE services GPT devices
Power Converter and control system GPT
Methods for applying self-supported none carbon catalysts to polymer membranes to form catalyst supported membranes FUMA













Brief summaries of the plans of the individual project

  • C-Tech
    • C-Tech is interested in exploiting the knowledge gained in POWAIR in the technical areas of battery stack development, zinc air batteries, air electrode manufacture, gas diffusion electrodes and gas diffusion electrode stacks applied to none battery applications. This can be through consultancy, sales of equipment, research and development contracts and joint developments
    • For additional details click here
  • CEST
    • CEST is planning to exploit the knowledge on additives for alkaline electrolytes in further work related to the development of secondary zinc-air flow batteries. New, suitable partners and funding schemes are seek
    • For additional details click here
  • Southampton
    • The University of Southampton are interested in commercial and research collaborations in the following areas:-
      • Catalysts
      • Air electrode development
      • Metal-air battery development
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  • GPT
    • Taking into account the users/markets demands, the power converter is expected to be commercialized as a lower cost solution to the inclusion of new generation, mainly renewable power stations, into grid; as a complement element for the use of storage systems to mitigate the intermittence of this energy source; and as a smart and more efficient equipment compared to the main competitors. GPTech has close relation due to its business market, with Renewable energy constructors, EPC contractor, DSO and Promoter & developer. GPTech bases its successful commercial exploitation on the use of local and international companies to get into the potential markets. Power generation construction companies as well as local operators with needs to fulfill grid codes requirements are the current clients and are the targeted clients of the final solution
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  • GTE
    • The POWAIR converter have provided the chance to open a new line in Multilevel converters applied to the integration of renewable energies and storage systems as well as the development of Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS). As a consequence, design, simulating, manufacturing, programming, controlling and setting up power converters for improving energy distribution and transmission systems in addition to grid controllability and stability are some of the objectives of this research line
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  • DNV GL
    • In POWAIR DNV GL has developed new testing services for modular power converters using power electronics and new test procedures for testing flow battery prototypes. The services are specific for each type of equipment and for power converters of the POWAIR project, a dedicated test plan was developed. DNV GL’s Flex Power Grid Laboratory is capable of testing electrical equipment of several tens of kW up to one MW. The laboratory can emulate any kind of electricity grid and can introduce faults on purpose to equipment under test
    • For additional details click here
  • EON
    • It is clear that in the drive to de-carbonise the production of energy that the electricity system in  Europe is changing significantly. The increased use of intermittent energy sources like solar and wind energy will increase the requirement for the storage of electricity at all scales, thus residential, industrial and grid scale. EON will use the information from POWAIR to develop future strategy regarding flow batteries like that already  installed at Pellworm
    • For additional details click here
  • FUMA
    • FuMA-Tech – the company for functional membranes and plant technology – is the leading manufacturer of ion exchange membranes for different electrochemical operations. Our modern coating plant produces porous, non-porous and functional membranes with excellent resistance to acids, bases, solvents and oxidation
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