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KEMA is an independent consultancy and testing organisation specialising in high-level technical consultancy and in testing, inspection and certification. KEMA undertakes applied research and contract development in support of these activities. The majority of KEMA’s customers are in businesses related to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. With company headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands, KEMA also has offices in seventeen countries. The benefits of the services provided by KEMA not only impact electrical utilities and electrical equipment manufacturers, but also investors, operators, users, governments, suppliers and financiers.


KEMA enjoys an international reputation for reliability, integrity and expertise in the fields of consultancy, testing, research and quality management. The department KEMA Technical Operation and Services has a separate group for energy storage, battery testing, materials engineering and grid connections. KEMA has extensive expertise on technical and economical issues regarding the integration of storage in electricity distribution networks, system integration and standardization processes for storage systems.


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